Virtual Studio 12 – Desk 01 w-monitors

Virtual studio 12 is a background with a number of useful angles and setups for any broadcast news production. The studio features a number of screen options and can be used with any video editor that can import quicktime video files.

This background also features foreground elements that can be placed in front of your presenter. From 0-25 seconds, the animation is a perfect loop. The final 3 seconds of the animation feature the desk on the green screen. Simply keyout the green in the desk, and place over your video footage to place your talent behind the desk.

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Format: Quicktime
Compression: Photo-JPEG [?]
Resolution: 1920x1080p
Length: 00:28
Frames Per Second: 30
Availability: Instant Download
File Size: 242.1 MB
Compatibility: Check Compatibility

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