Follow Robert through this YouTube tutorial as he demonstrates how to use our virtual sets, virtual studios, and green screen backgrounds with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. In this tutorial, Robert will demonstrate how to use a green screen with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 using the chroma key feature. Should you need it, we included the transcript below for you to reference when creating and editing your own green screen or chroma key projects.


Today I am going to show you how to apply a chroma key effect to footage in premiere pro CS5 to allow you to place your talent in a virtual background.

So first, go ahead and start premiere and create a new project .

First, lets import our various project video assets. For this project, we have 3 video assets. There is a green screen and talent file, A b-roll footage layer and a virtual studio layer that we will use as the virtual backdrop in our final video. So let’s import those into premiere by dragging them into the project asset window.

Let’s setup a new sequence, go to File, new, sequence. Then choose the resolution that you would like to work at.

First, drag the talent layer on to the video 3 layer. You can see she is a little small in this project, but we will scale her up in just a little bit.

Next, let’s drag in our backdrop. This can be anything you would like to use, in this instance, we have a virtual news type background that we will place behind out talent. This also needs to be scalled down to fit our workspace, so let me do that first.

Go to effect controls, motion, scale to scale down your layer to fit your project.

We are also going to select the talent layer to scale her up a bit. You can also double click this layer in your composition window to move the talent around in the composition.

Next, we need to key out the green background in our talent layer to reveal the studio underneath. Do this by going to effects, keying and then choose a key effect that works best for you. I like the ultra key plugin that came with premiere. It seems to do a good job of removing the chroma key out of a piece of footage without removing other similar colors in the shot.

Select your chroma effect, and select and drag it onto your talent footage layer. Now, in your effects controls, drop down the controls for ultra key and there is a key color parameter. Select the eyedropper next to this parameter and then go in the composition window and select the green in your talent footage. This will remove the green or blue in talent layer. If you are having trouble, you may want to go back and reshoot your footage and make sure to evenly light your backdrop as much as possible.

On the studio layer, we also have some green that we would like to remove so that we can show the b-roll footage underneath. So we do that using the same technique as before. So apply another key to the studio layer. Go to effects controls, use the eyedroppper tool to select the green in the monitor, and it pops right out.

So now, take your final b-roll footage and put it on the bottom layer, and it will show up inside the screeen. The footage is too big and needs to be positioned, so lets select that layer, go to motion, scale it down. You can lock the other two layers and double click the b-roll footage to select and move the footage in the composition window. Just adjust the position and scale of this layer to get it in place.

So basically, you can edit your b-roll footage to what your talent is talking about on this layer and the monitor will display footage and imagery along with the dialogue of your talent. Once you are finished up, you can render out the movie for web or tv and thats about it. Thanks for taking the time to look at this tutorial.